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How to Sustain Your Passionate Relationship

At a point in my life, I lost my love because of reckless thinking. I want to share what I learned and hope everyone who reads this will love and be loved for a long-lasting period.

Don’t propose to break up easily just because there is a disagreement

You will know how much it hurts a relationship if you propose to break up just because of an argument. Once you lost your love, you will be regretful indeed. Be aware of what you think and calm down, think through your brain before taking any actions. Only will you treasure your love until you lose it.

Remember to make your partner happy and treat her well

Spend time doing what she likes like cinema, sushi, darts. You feel happy when she feels happy.

If she didn’t feel well, help her do the laundry or wash the dishes, and dedicate your time to make dinner for her.

when she’s quiet, ask what’s wrong.

when you’re walking, put your arm around her waist.

when she sends a message, answer as fast as you can.

stay with her all night when she’s sick.

Dry her hair

Communicate with reasons without emotional shouting

Any thoughts you may have about conflict-free relationships are best relegated to bedtime stories or novels. The way to true relationship happiness is to understand a mate’s needs and to fulfill those needs as your goal.

Don’t threaten

Even you don’t do physical violence, it’s important that you don’t do emotional violence either.

Avoid bad behaviors which hurt your relationship

Always say no to her small wishes like having an ice cream

Judge her body

Refuse to caress her body when she asks, but play video games

Physical intimacy is important in a relationship

Grabbing a pair of boobs decreases stress by 70%.

Make her feels that she is sexy and attractive to you

Hug her into sleep

Kiss her into sleep

Prepare yourself with resources to treat your love

Fortune doesn’t guarantee happiness. However, if you cannot make ends meet, you cannot do many things to nurture your relationship. So, focus on your work, not matter a formal full-time job or entrepreneurship business, to offer your love an exotic vacation from time to time, provide what she wants.

Unless men evolve into asexual beings, as some feminists would have it, men will always seek mates using youth, health, and fertility as their base criteria. On the other hand, some women will continue to seek men who have status, power, and resources.


When two people meant for each other

No time is too long

No distance is too far

No one can ever tear them apart



Maybe I’m mad

at you sometimes…

I fight with you…

without any reason…


I want to tell you…

You are my world.