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Making Sense of Cents in Taipei

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Living in Taipei is wonderful, and you’ll be better off in saving money if you know where to find a cheaper price for reasonable qualities.



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1. He Tai Stall (Maps link)

Price: NT$55 / 600g

Opening hours: Mon ~ Sat 8:30 AM ~ 18:00 PM

2. Jhu Shun Fa Stall (Maps link)

Price: NT$55 / 600g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Carrefour-Extra Virgin Fruity Olive Oil

Price: NT$79

It’s produced in Spain.

Scallion Pancake



Consumer Staples


You can buy condoms at every convenient store like 7-11 or Family Mart. However, there is one kind of condoms provided at some certain pharmacies from Taiwan authorities. It’s NT$25 per package consisting of 12 condoms.

The brand is called True Love.

Pharmacy Link

Iron Tablets

For females, iron tablets are a good and convenient source of iron when they lack iron. I recommend Ferrum tablets because it doesn’t cause stomach ache as other brands do.

Price: NT$ per 5 tablets

Where to buy:


Taipei City to Taoyuan Airport

The most convenient way to reach Taoyuan airport from Taipei is the bus. It’s money-saving and time-saving.

1. By Bus

CitiAir bus (大有巴士)

Price: NT$90

Where to take the bus: Kuo Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal

Time spent: 60 minutes

I have to say that though the price is cheap, the bus driver is careless in driving and the bus is very shaky. But don’t worry, it’s still safe.

1819 route Kuo Kuang Bus (國光客運) – The only bus which runs 24 hours.


  • Adult: NT$140
  • Concession (elderly, children, handicapped): NT$70
  • Two-way: NT$260

Where to take the bus: Kuo Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal

Time spent: 55 minutes

2. By MRT

Price: NT$150

For instance, it costs NT$150 if you take the MRT from Taipei Main Station to Terminal one, Taoyuan airport.

Time spent: 35 ~ 50 minutes depending on the direct one or normal one